Why Artists Use Artificial Intelligence Image Generation To Be More Creative With Their Art

Are you an artist who is seeking to make your life easier? Have you considered using an AI art creator to help make that possible? AI-art is a primary example of how intelligent computers are in this day in age. Don't worry; they won't replace you. They are here to support you and help you bring your creative masterpieces to the forefront.


AI-art emerged in 2016, making it extremely easy for artists to express themselves without creating artwork. While the relationship between AI and the artist is ever-evolving, it's an excellent tool for any artist hoping to expand their knowledge.


AI Assists Artists with Creative Processes


Artificial intelligence has dramatically changed the entire nature of the creative process, with computers playing a vital role in creative art activities, among other things. AI tools help human creators with Computational Creativity. We can aid in human creativity by replicating certain aspects of creative artistic behavior. Even artists with disabilities can use AI tools, expanding the artist pool tremendously and making them way more accessible than ever before.


AI Tools & Image Processing: A Dangerous Combination


AI tools can interpret and analyze images much more thoroughly than the human brain can. When AI and Image processing are combined, they can perform face recognition, such as TD Bank. Face recognition also creates a greater sense of public security. In addition, Artificial Intelligence can produce images and photos of animals and people's faces that are pretty realistic.


How to Make AI Art


There are multiple different ways to create AI art. You can generate unique images just by using text descriptions, or if you're fearless and have a lot of free time on your hands, you could learn creative coding to create your art.


Our AI Art Creator is new, created in July 2022. Artists are using it worldwide. Luckily with image generation tools like this, you can now generate images by simply using a text description for the image you want to create. You don't have coding experience to use this tool, and it's pretty simple.


Why An Artist Should Use AI Image Generation for Their Artistry


Why not use AI image generation in your artistry? That's the real question. Here are seven great reasons why artists will want to consider using AI image generation for their artistry:


  1. Save time and money – unlike the existing software packages (i.e., Adobe suite), Mountains of Imagination AI Art Creator is easy to use and free! Use text to describe your artwork, and hit 'Create.'
  2. Become more creative – you might find yourself crunched for time; AI art creators can perform repetitive tasks, allowing you more time to be even more creative and perfect your craft.
  3. Imitate famous deceased artists – upload photos and allow the AI art creator to render them in the style of a dead artist; you could be the next Van Gogh! You could also consider using it for more unique works, such as rendering doodles into landscapes using text to create the images.
  4. Contribute to the ‘Ideation’ process – AI opens the doors for simplified collaboration between artists, clients, and managers. AI tools will help to excel project completion and ensure everyone involved is on the same page.
  5. Create artwork for NFT projects – Creating artwork for NFT projects will allow you to give an owner access, rights, and reselling privileges to the file, providing them with a specific guarantee and unique digital assets. 
  6. Create prototypes and visualize your ideas – When considering an AI service or tool, you will want to check to see if they allow you to sell your art or images. Not every AI service will allow this, so that's very important. Next, you'll want to develop a prototype plan, which helps you rationalize using Machine Learning (ML) for your artwork. For instance, let's say you're creating a video game; you can use AI to illustrate your prototype, giving you a great visualization of your overall idea.
  7. Find Inspiration – If you are an artist looking for some inspiration, you can use a random image search to help you develop some ideas.




As an aspiring artist, you can save time and money and become more creative, all while simplifying your creative processes and visualizing your ideas. Artist's dreams are achievable at a rapid pace with the use of AI tools. Trying out digital art tools can help you expand your horizons and perfect your craft. Contact us with questions about using our tools or general feedback.