AI Art Creator

Create artwork by describing it

Use AI to generate art, create NFTs, profile pictures and turn imagination into art!

Seed Diversity

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Use Cases


  1. What model are you using?
  2. We've just upgraded to Stable Diffusion!

  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Nothing, it's free, and always will be.

  5. Do you save the images?
  6. No, we don't save anything you create.

  7. Do you save my text prompts?
  8. No, we only use it to generate the images. Then it's gone.

  9. Can I use the artwork I create?
  10. Yes of course! It's 100% yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

  11. Are there any limitations to how much I use it?
  12. No, not currently, hopefully we can keep it this way.


AI Art Creator was created in July 2022. The project was created to make Dall-E and similar technologies more accessible to the public and folks without coding skills. By promoting and sharing these technologies to a wider audience, we can expose more people to AI and the opportunities its creating. We hope more people will become excited by artificial intelligence and be inspired to contribute to the space in some way.

Have fun with it, and tell your friends!